When it comes to purchasing a home, getting the proper financial advice is very crucial. Being a broker allows me to have endless options in terms of mortgage product and rate…something the big 5 banks cannot offer. It is my job to cater to your needs, which means getting you the best rate possible! No matter what your current financial situation is, I always have a mortgage product and rate that fits your particular needs. Whether it be putting a minimal down payment or acquiring a Home Equity Line of Credit with your new mortgage, this is something I can make easily happen. I am here to make the mortgage process as simple and painless for you.

Remember, I work for YOU…not the LENDERS.


Do you owe money to the CRA? Is your debt piling up and it seems you have no way out?…I have a solution for you! By refinancing your existing mortgage and taking out some of the existing equity in the property, these financial hardships can be a thing of the past!

Clearing up your current debt load will help save your cash flow. Don’t let mortgage penalties intimidate you! The amount of money you can save converting your high interest debt into a lower rate mortgage is a no brainer.

Whether you need to consolidate debt, take existing equity out of your property for investment purposes or just simply want to lock into a lower mortgage rate, I can help you find the product and rate that suits your needs.

Remember, this is your mortgage and we will do it your way!

Construction Financing

Are you looking to build the house of your dreams? Are you a builder that is looking to build someone the house of their dreams but need the financing to do so? Say no more! With the numerous connections I have built over the years, it has allowed me to find the means to assist numerous clients with their construction financing needs. Whether it be through private funding or thorough a lender, the process is always smooth and problem free.

For more information do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Commercial Mortgages

Getting a commercial mortgage can often be a difficult and agonizing process. Many of my previous clients have had experiences where banks over promising and under deliver. When working with The Mortgage Duck there is complete transparency throughout the process. Having placed many commercial mortgages throughout the years, it has allowed me to develop the relationships needed to get things done properly, the first time around.

Whether it be purchasing a commercial property, refinancing your existing commercial property or renewing your existing mortgage, I have the answers for you!

About the Mortgage Duck

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